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Movie Posters

Washington-based designer and illustrator Tracie Ching creates awesome movie posters for some of her favourite movies. She’s also produced licensed posters for properties such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, AMC’s The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, and Community, but she has become more commonly known for her limited edition silk screen prints of alternative movie posters. 

Still Waiting for Hal (3)

Why does Amazon choose to give me ads for women’s coats on the home page? I’ve never bought anything that would remotely suggest that would suggest I’m a potential buyer.  By now, Amazon has a few years of records on my purchases, in which there is a noticeable paucity of evidence for a girlfriend.  Obviously, I don’t particularly object to being greeted by fashion models when I dial up Amazon, it just seems tremendously inefficient - I could probably get suckered into buying some obscure scientist’s autobiography pretty easily.  Yet another piece of evidence that Amazon’s intelligent marketing models are not so intelligent. 

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